RISE has developed an enviable network of industry alliances.


RISE has developed an enviable network of industry alliances. We call these partners our Bench. Throughout their years of specialising in the built environment, our people have developed an intimate knowledge of market leaders, and the ability to determine exciting emerging players. For every mission, no matter the scale, RISE selects the optimum combination from this highly talented group to provide the first class support services our Clients expect.

We work to include our supply chain as early as possible in the design process by selecting teams early and working hard to integrate and manage their activities and ideas to achieve the greatest value for all involved. RISE builds long term relationships with our Bench, allowing the more direct relationship afforded by CM to give our supply chain confidence in us, a confidence that manifests itself as value for our clients.

RISE empower trades through the earliest possible engagement, refuse to accept the status quo, with a determination to get the job done. This has delivered significant cost and time savings.Judges, Constructing Excellence Awards