Should Project Managers be more creative?

A recent survey by the Association of Project Management (APM) asked members to rank what skills and competencies they believe are important for Project Management. Of the 18 skills ranked by the 5,700 respondents, ‘creativity’  was placed 16th out of 18th, just above the skills of ‘other’ and ‘don’t know’.

Personally I find it an incredibly sad that current Project Managers ranked ‘creatively’ so low. It’s the role of a Project Manager to not just be creative but to encourage creativity amongst other team members.

Creativity should be a foundation of Project Management, not bottom of the list. Project Managers should be innovative, they should use their imagination, bring ideas to solve problems, look for hidden patterns and then turn this value into reality. Project Managers should not be box ticking and prioritising other objective at the cost of creativity when in fact creativity should be encouraged in order to better meet all objectives with better solutions.

With the emergence of new technologies,  future workforces are under treat from being replaced by Artificial Intelligence or robotics, in this instance creatively is where individuals add their value to the process, their value is not just by following the process itself but improving on it.

Developing talent for the future is about looking at where value can be added rather than where demand is. Demand could be easily and better severed by technology but creativity is the key to success in the future and thisis where the Assciation of Project Mangement should focus.

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APM’s 2017 Salary and Market Trends Survey

74%        Stakeholder management and communications

71%        Budgeting and financial management

66%        Planning

59%        Risk/Issues and opportunity management

58%        Leadership and management

55%        Decision-making

54%        Breadth /diversity of thinking

54%        Scheduling

47%        Resource management

47%        Quality Management

45%        Strategic management

43%        Data and analytical skills and insights

43%        Procurement

38%        Coaching and mentoring

27%        Creativity

4%          Other

2%          Don’t know

Andrew Link

Andrew Link

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