RISE Brecon Beacons Summer Trek

“Come for a leisurely walk in Wales they said”! Fast forward to 1am in the morning, trudging through boggy ground, on a dark starless night, with the weather switching between constant drizzle and all out downpours! And yet on we persevered until finally a dodgy ankle and creaky knee put a halt to our endeavours. And so it was that 40 out of the intended 60 kilometers were ticked off in an absolutely sterling effort by the RISE team.

The original plan for the walk was to cover just over 60km, criss crossing the Brecon Beacons, with a total ascent of 3230 metres.

To make it as inclusive as possible it was broken down into six legs, so people could do as much or as little as they liked. And so it was that 17 of us set off into the hills at lunchtime on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

The weather was spectacular during the day, and you really couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Even so, some of the hills did take a few people by surprise in their steepness and length. Everyone especially enjoyed the first ascent up Alt Lwyd, which got the legs burning immediately!

However, a great effort was put in by one and all as we pushed on up onto the ridgeline walk around towards the highest peak in South Wales.

Before finally hitting the top of Pen Y Fan as the visibility started to close in.

After which it was then a winding trek down the Fan.

With a few brief stops to chat with the local wildlife.

This wrapped up the day for most people, having done an impressive 15 km and climbed over 1200m during the course of the afternoon. For them a night at the local pub was on the cards, followed by a warm bed.

However, a few intrepid souls decided to carry on with leg two, although some would later question this decision!!!

And that is where the photos end, just before darkness descended, the rain clouds rolled in and tracks turned to cross-country bogs. The conditions really were pretty horrendous and it is an absolute testament to the strength of character to all of those who carried on past the first leg. Jokes and laughter could still be heard well into the night, and it was only the worsening weather and some niggling injuries which forced an early retirement

All in all I think (hopefully) that everyone had a great experience, and won’t be put off doing another trip next year!

An all round outstanding effort by the RISE team!



Simon Jeffries




Rise Management Consulting

Rise Management Consulting

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