Let’s Get Together! RISE supports Hût architects at the London Festival of Architecture

RISE is delighted to support the third iteration of the Pixel HÛT, bringing the pavilion to this year’s London Festival of Architecture (LFA) and The Great Get Together Bankside.

Pixel HÛT 3.0, designed by London studio HÛT Architecture, is a colourful, effervescent addition to SE1. The lightweight structure effortlessly floats above the Marlborough Sports Garden on Union Street, providing a space for visitors to gather and ‘get together’. Pixel HÛT 3.0’s vibrant roofscape and dappled lighting scheme comes into its own in the sun as light refracts though ‘pixel’s above, projecting a spectrum of colour onto the ground.

The pavilion will be the focal point of this year’s nationwide Great Get Together festival on Sunday June 24th — an initiative inspired by the late MP, Jo Cox, which last year attracted more than 4,500 people.

This year’s event is offering up 100+ events with Pixel HÛT 3.0 being at the heart of festivities. The pavilion is in The Marlborough Sports Garden, a new area created by Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST), a local charity dedicated to improving the SE1 area, making it a greener, more beautiful place to live and work for local communities.

RISE worked with BOST to ensure Pixel HÛT 3.0 could be realised and come to fruition.

“It is great to work with such innovative architects supporting their initiative during the London Festival of Architecture. Helping the community is key to RISE and the fact that both come together for the Great Get Together fulfils our community ambition and ideals” – Gareth Stapleton, RISE

“Having the support ‘quite literally’ from RISE enabled us to launch Pixel 3.0, our third iteration of this pavilion for London Festival of Architecture – a huge thank you to the RISE team for helping us to make this happen”Andy Whiting, Hut Architecture

“It’s fantastic to see the new Marlborough Sports Garden being used for this pavilion. It’s also been wonderful working alongside RISE, Hut Architecture and the London Festival of Architecture to celebrate this unique space.” – Tim Wood, Chair of BOST.

Rise Management Consulting

Rise Management Consulting

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