Pat Walsh



One of the first consultants to join Rise after its conception, Pat has subsequently brought a wealth of pragmatism and experience to all of our Clients. His detailed understanding of the Construction process aligned to the mechanics of project finance, change control, quality and programme management all serve to ensure our clients projects are delivered smoothly.
Currently he is working on the RISE residential portfolio, wherein he provides drive and direction, interrogating all aspects of the Design and Buildability of projects. As a consequence of being able to call upon over 40 years of knowledge of the construction industry, having worked across all markets in the private and public sectors he can provide realistic advice and options for “Engineered Value” when required.

His intimate knowledge of the London Market and Contractor Base are invaluable and a significant contribution to any project.

An eager exponent of MMC he is the lead for this element of the RISE Preconstruction Department.

When not working Pat enjoys clay pigeon shooting, providing various à la carte Meals for his wife from his vast array of recipes and drinking fine wines (“like a fish” in his words).

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