RISE Does TowerAthlon for LandAid!

Today RISE has successfully conquered the annual London TowerAthlon in support of LandAid, the property industry charity. RISE competed with 4 teams powered and raring to go. The challenge consisted of a gruelling static cycle to the furthest distance possible within just ten minutes, a fierce stair climb to the top of 877 steps (that’s 39 storeys),  and a vertigo-inducing abseil 539 feet down the Broadgate Tower.


Looking up

The following RISE staff participated in the event:

Emma Barrett (Design Manager), Tom Saunders (Planner), Priscilla Abeyie (Marketing Assistant), Simon Jeffries (Senior Consultant), Nathalie Duncan-Sletten (Business Development Manager), Richard Jones (Construction Manager), Claudia Arrieta (Administration Assistant), Lydia Perkins (Environmental Manager), Shane Burns (Design Manager), Andrew Link (Senior Associate), James Adams (Associate), Rekha Fernandez (Consultant).


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Some lost the feeling in their legs, others conquered their fear of heights, and overall it was truly an incredible feeling to cross the finish line knowing that our efforts would contribute to the great work of LandAid. We undertook these tough tasks to help thousands of disadvantaged young people across the UK to realise more positive futures.

To help raise funds the Great RISE bake off took place at the RISE headquarters where an assortment of baking skills were showcased and enjoyed.

The charity we fundraised in support of is LandAid, a property industry charity which mobilises and allocates the property industry’s resources through money, time, expertise, space and opportunities, to support projects involving disadvantaged children and young people within the UK. LandAid is a remarkable charity that makes a tangible and lasting impact.

RISE is very appreciative of all the support we have and continue to receive and would like to thank everybody who has donated and continues to donate to this wonderful cause. Your support and contributions are appreciated. We are especially grateful to our clients for their wonderful donations toward the cause.

You can make your donations here.


Nathalie Duncan-Sletten

Nathalie Duncan-Sletten

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