Our CEO takes on The Restart Rugby Alpine Challenge 2016

This time a week ago, our CEO Gareth Stapleton took on a challenge! Not just any challenge but one he, his family and his RISE family will be very proud of for a very long time to come!

This unique fund raising event saw Gareth and 11 others climb three mountains, in three countries, in three days. The route covered over 60 km at twice the altitude of Ben Nevis and the participants ascended a total of 4,500m, climbing Testa Della Tronche in Italy, Pointe Ronde in Switzerland and Le Brévant in France, which is the equivalent of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

Photograph by Adam Johnston - Official photographer

Photograph by Adam Johnston – Official photographer

The Restart Rugby Alpine challenge 2016, as entitled so, is in aid of Restart Rugby. Restart Rugby support professional rugby players through serious injury, rehabilitation, counselling and career transition for life after rugby. Restart Rugby is committed to supporting the core values of rugby from the grassroots to the professional game, providing emotional, practical and financial support during challenging times for both players and their families.

Thank you to all who have kindly donated so far, we have raised over £2500 and there is still time to give at http://www.justgiving.com/owner-email/pleasesponsor/Gareth-Stapleton1

Gareth and Emilie

Gareth and Emilie

Gareth and Lee Mears - Bath, England & British & Irish Lions Player

Gareth and Lee Mears – Bath, England & British & Irish Lions Player

For a step by step, mountain by mountain account follow the link below and check out RPA Group CEO, Damian Hopley’s blog http://restartrugby.org.uk/the-restart-rugby-alpine-challenge-2016-the-only-way-is-up/

To find out more about the challenge and next year’s opportunities see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTQ7K4mFNCQ&feature=youtu.be

Having caught the bug, as they say, this team has already accepted a new challenge and are planning to climb Mont Blanc in 2017!

Nathalie Duncan-Sletten

Nathalie Duncan-Sletten

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