James Adams Competes in Red Bull Soapbox Race

On Sunday 12th July, London hosted the annual Red Bull Soapbox race in which RISE’s very own James Adams competed. Whilst we are often told to step off our soap boxes, James decided to challenge this school of thought by sitting in one, literally.

The Red Bull Soapbox challenge is an international event which challenges amateur and experienced racers to design creative and unique soapboxes in which they race in, downhill.

It all started a few months ago, when James and his team entered what he believed to be a stab in the dark. His words being:

“We just entered. We really thought nothing of it”.

Little did he know that out of a prospective 400 applicants, he would be shortlisted among the finalists who would compete in the race.
James recalls:

“We literally had 2 months from the date we were shortlisted, to design something.”

“None of us had done anything like this before”

However, despite this, James and his team brushed off any feelings of uncertainty and embarked on an interesting journey of soapbox building.

“It involved a lot of weekends. It’s like a part time job”

At last, after extensive commitment, tenacity and sacrificed weekends, James along with his team, built their western themed soapbox and successfully competed in the race. Their design was based on oil drillers in the Wild West, and comprised bull horns, oil pumps and cowboy outfits.

We want to congratulate James and his team for not only their tenacity in building their soapbox and being shortlisted among the finalists, but also being amongst a minority of contenders who didn’t crash.

James and his team donated all the funds that they raised for the event to our corporate charity, Article 25.

Nathalie Duncan-Sletten

Nathalie Duncan-Sletten

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