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My name is Mason Boyle. I am a student from America studying Construction Science at Texas A&M University. I have spent the last eight weeks working as an Intern with Rise. In this short period of time, I have been exposed to many different facets of Project Management and Construction Management.

I spent my first four weeks working in the office on the Project Management side. In this time, I assisted in creating a programme for a coffee shop, created a Project Execution Plan, and wrote a report on a seminar I attended about protecting buildings from drone and other unconventional attacks. This was my first time creating programmes and reports like this, so I learned a lot from it all. Working in the office and seeing all the thought that has to go in to a job gave me a new perspective of how projects need to be managed.

The second half of my time with Rise was spent assisting the Construction Management team on-site at the Royal Opera House. While at this job, I created a programme for works that was to be done on a set of scaffolding. I was put in charge of managing this work and reporting progress back to the CM team. Having a specific area of the job to monitor and manage was a great experience because it forced me to communicate with the different trade contractors and coordinate when they would complete their tasks, allowing the other trades to begin their work in that area. This was a great introduction to CM, as it was a small scale project for me to work on, preparing me to take on more in the future. I also assisted the rest of the CM team with daily tasks, including producing as-built drawings and checking on spec compliance.

Most of the work that I was tasked with were new challenges for me. This experience has helped me realize some of what I do and don’t want to do when I graduate and begin my career. I came in with very little office and on-site experience, and I have now been involved in a wide variety of tasks. Seeing how projects are run in the UK will give me a very unique perspective as I return to the US to finish out my time at university and enter into the workforce. This will be a valuable asset for me in my future career. I am grateful for the hospitality of the UK and the opportunities I have had with Rise.



Mason Boyle

Nathalie Duncan-Sletten

Nathalie Duncan-Sletten

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