Charity begins at home

Moving office was somewhat of a spring clean here at RISE, resulting in items we no longer needed or had room for. Having supported The Deptford Reach over the past few years, RISE were able to donate crockery and clothing to the charity who do any amazing job in supporting people transform and rebuild their lives.

Work boots we no longer used were also donated to a day centre for the homeless who are entirely reliant on donations.  All items were so gratefully received, especially the boots. where we were told that many of the people visiting the centre are looking for work in construction, and unable to afford the boots, which generally aren’t provided as part of the PPE.

If you too have items in your office that are no longer required please get in touch with these charities to enquire if they could use them and make a small difference in one or many people’s lives.


Rise Management Consulting

Rise Management Consulting

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