PegasusLife Time Capsule Hampstead

On one of our PegasusLife construction sites in Hampstead during the excavation works we found a time capsule dating back to 1957 . It contained medallions and a manuscript deposited by Bishop George Craven, Auxliary Bishop of Westminster at the time.  On Friday 24 June, in keeping with the historic tradition, Bishop John Wilson joined students from Rosary Primary Catholic School to bury time capsule again on the construction site. The capsule contained artifacts donated by the Bishop and the project’s design team, and contributions from  from students at the school.

After the ceremony which included Bishop John praying over the site, the new capsule was buried to a great cheer from the students.

The site will become a residential complex for the over 55s.

Nathalie Duncan-Sletten

Nathalie Duncan-Sletten

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